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Dusun Sade Rambitan - A Tribal Of Lombok Island

There are many traditional villages in Lombok, one of which is Dusun Sade Rambitan village, Central Lombok. Not hard to discover this village because the location is within easy reach. Located at the edge the highway between Mataram and Praya, this village is also commonly used as stopover for tourists before or perhaps after visiting the southern coast of Lombok.

there is no official tariff to enter this village area, but in front of the entrance guests are required to fill the list of trip and also a "donation" potluck that will be used for public Sade themselves.

This hamlet inhabited by the Sasak tribe, tribal island of Lombok. Their livelihood is farming and women in this village the average smart weaving. By using a traditional loom, they weave fabric, which later sold to the tourists who come to this village.


Dusun Sade Rambitan

The houses that are here are also very simple made ​​of wood, bamboo and roofed by dry reed leaves . Which is unique from The traditional homes are The floors that periodically smeared with cow dung,It's aim to be free of annoying mosquitoes attack and besidesit is also believed to guard against disturbances that are magical.

The traditional Rambitan house has only two rooms are the front and the inside. The front part is for men and the Mother. whereas the inside is for she who are single. the room have a higher position than the front room.
Dusun Sade Rambitan

Before leaving this village, it is better to buy hand crafts of people Dusun Sade Rambitan as cloth weaving, wood carving or just a key chain. Besides bringing gifts for relatives, as well be one way to participate in increase the rural livelihoods of Dusun Sade Rambitan

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