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The Beautiful Of Hidden Lombok Beach - Should I Say "Woow "

I have to say again, so many lombok beaches are not yet widely known, especially in the south of lombok part of east Lombok district, a hidden beach with pink sand, not many tourists know it, is because the access road leading to the beach broken and there is no infrastructure improvements.

This Lombok beach that is known as Tangsi Beach is not far from Tanjung Bloam,Tangsi in Indonesian dictionary means Barracks, probably, this pink beach's name has something to do with the Japanese forces that had occupied in the southern region of Lombok island , like Tanjung Bloam which also has a heritage Japanese soldiers.

 Lombok Beach

 Lombok Beach

 Lombok Beach

Lombok Beach

Some notes if you wish to visit Tangsi beach ( Pink Beach )

  •  Better to rent car. Mini buses are recommended considering the track is broken 
  • There are no hotels anywhere near the location. Nearest inn seemed in Praya (Central Lombok) or Selong (East Lombok) 
  • Buy / bring food n drink from home or on the road. Because the location is certainly hard to find a quiet place to eat or shop.  
  • Best spot is on the left side of the hill.
 Lombok Beach
Snorkeling Area

 Lombok Beach

Enjoy Lombok Beach, Enjoy Lombok Island

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