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Lying on Mawun Beach Lombok - Is This Haven?

Ever watched "The Beach" movie starring Leonardo dicaprio that is told A Young man searching for a beautiful island with amazing beach.

If you go to eastern of Indonesia, as Lombok island, NTT, Raja Ampat Papua or Sulawesi, It has a beautiful beach with amazing small islands that are still not many untouched. like the Movie "the Beach"

As I will review this time about the beauty of  Mawun Beach that not many people know, even though, the location of beach is not too far from kuta beach lombok.

The Beach is like a swimming pool surrounded by hills is the same as film "the beach", when you lie there like looking at the beauty of heaven and fancy like having your own private beach.

Mawun Beach is in Central Lombok, Located in the west of Kuta Beach Lombok and the east of Selong Belanak Beach , or in other words is located between the Both beaches

mawun beach
You can Visit the Mawun Beach From the route Mataram - Kediri - Praya -Penunjak - and Selong Belanak. Throughout the course towards mawun beach It will be treated to amazing scenery and a pleasant rural areas atmosphere such as green mountains, the traditional houses Of sasak, buffalos, goat population, as well as the right of the beach is beautiful. And finally you will find a Fork where there is a board of directions where if we turn to the right to go to Mawun Beach

mawun beach

Lombok Tourism

Lombok Tourism, Mawun beach

Lombok Tourism-mawun beach

Lombok tourism, mawun beach

mawun beach,lombok tourism

wow....What a Beautiful Heaven 

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