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Nipah Beach In North lombok Island

This time we will start to invite you to enjoy the beautiful sunset at Nipah Beach. Nipah Beach is a beach located on the northern beach of Lombok Island, get into the Pemenang, the North Lombok City. Which is the path that connects the northern coast city of Mataram and North Lombok.

Nipah hill is in the north Malimbu that already famous in Lombok as the best spot to enjoy the Sunset, so this location is never empty at dusk, especially at weekends.before reaching the top of nipah hill , we will find a beautiful bay named Nipah Beach. The beach is white sand, clean and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of people, only a few local fishing boats on one side of the beach.

Pinah Beach
Pinah Beach

This could be a Beach vacation alternative for families, especially for those who are bored the Senggigi Beach and who want a quiet beach but within easy reach without having to wade into the small islands around Lombok. Also on the beach is also a lot of trees, which can reduce the heat of the sun while we relax on the beach

No admission ticket is required to enjoy the beauty of this Beach, just need to pay to park it. Here too there are several small shops that provide food and soft drinks, so do not be afraid of starving while on this Beach.

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