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Mataram Lombok - The Main City of Lombok Island

In the history of Java, Mataram is the largest kingdom in the 18th century, but which we will discuss is the capital of West Nusa Tenggara Province, a major city that became the center of Lombok island tourism.Unlike its "brother" Bali island , Lombok's tourism industry is very slow growing, but, if considered the spot of tourisms in Lombok island more and more interesting, but the lack of professional management that makes lombok island left behind by island of bali.

The spot that is the nearest from Mataram is Senggigi beach, which is the most visited tourist site, as well as hotel accommodation ranging from hotels to the backpacker to the businessmen and officials, available in Mataram and Senggigi .

Mataram Lombok

Mataram Lombok

Mataram Lombok

Mataram apparently eager to align with the Denpasar Bali, for reviewing the growth of visitors continues to grow each year. Spots such as Senggigi beach and also a mainstay of the 3 Gili ( Trawangan, Air, Meno )became the nature tourism of Mataram city and the surrounding area, in addition, there are also religious tourism like visiting temples Lingsar and Pura Batu Bolong, all the spots is not far from the city of Mataram.

Mataram certainly, having the nightlife that is eagerly awaited by the visitors, both local tourists and foreigners alike. One of the destinations for tourists at night is the area around Senggigi beach. In this area, the night life was very interesting. Night clubs and many restaurants Bar fibers, scattered along the highway Senggigi. Senggigi has long been known as a center of nightlife in Lombok. That is why many tourists are staying in hotels around there than in hotels near the city ( Mataram ), although prices for hotels around Senggigi is quite expensive,

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