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Senggigi, Main and Popular Of The Lombok Island Tourism

Senggigi Beach
Senggigi, can not deny if this area is the seed of Lombok Island tourism. It is still beautiful beach as an ideal place to pamper yourself and relax with your family or your friends.

You can swim safely, because the waves is relatively quiet. Besides swimming the other activities that can be enjoyed the snorkeling, canoeing, or surfing, or if you do not want to get wet, Senggigi beach could take you to watch the sunset while laying and relaxing among the beach.

Although well and known  as the attraction of the most popular Lombok, Senggigi remain affordable for all people who want a vacation. There are many small bars and cafes in this place. About the affairs of accommodation is also no need to worry, Theare are available hotel - a small hotel or bungalow as your resting place, either from the middle class and upwards. It could be said both foreign and local tourists are always flooded every time it is. It is not wrong if far seed Senggigi is a favorite destination of Lombok island tourism.

senggigi beach

Senggigi beach's popularity could in Balance with beautiful beaches on Balli, the hotels that is very close to the beach can also be an option to indulge in Senggigi.

senggigi beach

senggigi beach

On arrival in this place, you would instantly feel the fresh coastal air plus stunning views of the sky because it blends the colors blue, orange, white, up to redness. If you find the most suitable place to enjoy the sunset, then you have come to a headland near the Senggigi Beach Hotel. There, you can sit relaxed on the steps while enjoying the sun began to disappear from view.

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