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Lombok Island Tourism

Indonesia will be never ending story,when we are talking about the beauty of nature, the island of Bali and Lombok islands are just one of thousands of islands in Indonesia that offer panoramic views as you've never seen in any country.In the last article we talked about the Lombok island and its history, and now we will try to review on Lombok island tourism, where there are so many places such as bali island that can be used as an important moment in traveling to lombok island.

The places of Lombok island tourism not just only the beaches, besides Senggigi and Kuta beach lombok, lombok also has a mountain, that make a lot of the attention of tourists to climb it, named renjani. climb to the top of Rinjani mountain with an altitude of 3726 m asl, will feel repaid by the beauty of this incredible panorama

View Sunset from the Top of Rinjani

Besides the beauty of Rinjani mountain categorized as a volcano Mountain that still active until to day, Comodo (Komodo) Island, Gili Island, and many of island around Lombok could be list as lombok island tourism that will enhance your vacation to Lombok islands, instead of just seeing the panoramic beauty of the land, you can also see the beauty of the sea with snokling and diving.

 So what makes you think twice to Visit Lombok island tourism

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