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Lombok International Airport

Surge in the tourists visit to lombok Island forced the government took measures to build the airport with the international standards,The old airport located in Ampenan was unable to handle the surge in air traffic to and from Lombok

Since Indonesia Government promoted the Komodo Island As The Only One Island in the world that live the extinct animals named KOMODO, makes a thousand visitors came the island and the closely access is form lombok, therefore, in October 2011 Lombok International Airport was officially opened to the flight line International.

The Development of the airport itself is still in construction phase, development plans through three stages starting in 2006 and will be complete in 2028 as great Lombok International Airport. These the Three Phase of the development :

 Phase I (2006-2009)
 Runway: 45m x 2500m
 Apron: 52 074 m²
 Taxiway: 2 exit taxiways
 Terminal: 12,000 m² (Passenger, VIP, Cargo)
 Parking: 17 500 m²

 Phase II (2013-2015)
 Runway: 45m x 2750m
 Apron: 63 294 m²
 Taxiway: 2 exit taxiways
 Terminal: 16 500 m² (2.4 million passengers per year)
 Parking: 29 100 m²

 Phase-III (2028)
 Runway: 45m x 3500m
 Apron: 74 514 m²
 Taxiway: out of 12 taxiways, rapid exit taxiway 2, a parallel taxiway
 Terminal: 28 750 m² (3.25juta passengers per year)
 Parking: 29 100 m²

The Architecture of the Lombok  international airport which is has IATA kode as LOP is not much different than some of the new airport in another city. Consists of three floors and apply a minimalist model with a glass wall widths.

Roof forms in the form of an oval dome, is the hallmark of traditional Sasak house. The material is certainly not the coconut fiber as in traditional Sasak house, but Galvanil plate.

 Currently Lombok international airport serving domestic flights lombok with the aim of Denpasar, Surabaya, macassar, Sorong, Jogjakarta and Jakarta And for any international flight paths to singanpore (Silk Air)and kuala lumpur (Air Asia), as phases of the development of the runway constructions and the terminal wide to 28 750 m² in the year 2028, the lombok international airport could be gateway of the Lombok Island tourism and  to East Indonesia.

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