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Lombok Hotels [ 1 ]

Enjoying the sunset, and the beauty of the sea of lombok from the hotel room give a romantic impression on your honeymoon vacation. choosing a hotel rather than resting place, a cozy room and a view that can give peace and relaxation is a priority in the selection of nautical tourism vacation in Lombok.

The location of lombok hotels generally was not so far from the beach, it is meant to the tourists can relax and at the same time can enjoy the beauty of the sea and sunset There are more than 125 Lombok hotels spread across Lombok island and Gili islands but I would classify in best 10 of Lombok Hotels in terms of user satisfaction.

Lombok Hotels In senggigi

1. Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort, This the Five Stars Hotel located in Jl raya senggigi Km 8, and 50 Km from Lombok International Airport, the room price is range 140 USD - 180 USD with double and View Sea

2. Kebun Villas & Resort,  a resort-style villas with private pools can be ordered with a price range of 205 - 400 USD, located JL Raya Senggigi in the same KM 8.

3. The Santosa Villas & Resort, The 4 Stars Lombok Hotel with the cozy room and the cheap one, range of 120- 130 USD per night,but the price could reach 60 usd while promo

4. The Jayakarta Lombok Beach Resort, a cottage hotel with best location in an area of ​​4 hectares and on the beach! really fun and perfect for travelers with any criteria, couples, solo, group, family, business etc.. located in Jl Raya Senggigi KM 4. recomended for the honeymoon couple. room rates are offered a range of 50 -110  USD

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