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Pura Batu Bolong, The "TanahLot" of Lombok island Tourism

Who does not know Tanah Lot, a famous tourist attraction in Balli.It is a temple (pura)located on a rock just offshore. Equal to Tanah Lot, Pura Batu Bolong is a temple of stone jutting into the ocean, but it is not separate from the mainland like a lot bali temple on the ground.

batu bolong at Senggigi

Located in Senggigi area (one of the pillars of Lombok island  tourism ), this temple stands on a solid rock and facing right into Mt. Agung,  Bali.across the sea. Pura batu Bolong itself is adjacent to the temple summit sari toss contained on the hill. The name itself is believed to be perforated stones from a rock with the hole in the temple area itself. In this place could also be a place for enjoying sunset in the evening.

batu bolong
When you enter into the temple area, you can go through the temple Bentar textured sand. On the left and right of the main gate of this temple there is a small door that used iron bars as a side entrance.

Not far from Batu Bolong Beach area, there is a hill where the temple stood Pucaksari Melanting with some pelinggih and building accessories. When looking around this place, you are not only treated to the beauty of Batu Bolong beach is beautiful, but also a variety of trees flourish.

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