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What To Do In Lombok? Pura Lingsar could be the Solver

Lombok island which was mentioned as the sister of Bali has a variety of attractions. Like the island of Bali, Lombok has beautiful beaches (beach Senggigi, Kuta beach, Tanjung aan, sire beach, etc.) and the temple is often used as Lombok Island tourism. One attraction is the temple or lombok people called ( pura ) Lingsar.

what to do in lombok

What To Do In Lombok?

As mentioned in the last post about the history of Lombok,the island culture of many adapted from bali.This temple was founded King Anak Agung Gede Ngurah of the Kingdom of Karangasem, Bali in 1714 and is the only relic of King Anak Agung Gede given specifically for the two ethnic tribes Sasak and Balinese.

the Place that became Lombok Island tourism is the Hindus used to pray, but to draw Muslims also use the temple to pray or hold Lingsar ceremonies. We can learn a form of harmony of two different religions live in harmony in the land of Lombok.

Supposedly, the place was built as a symbol of unity. Therefore, there is no higher or lower in the vast temple complex. Sasak tribe Hindus and the Moslems are pillars of the temple's care together. A symbol of tolerance, is also symbolized by the unwritten rule, that anyone who comes to the shrine, were not allowed to deliver to the offerings of pork and beef. pork forbidden for Muslims, and the cow is considered sacred by Hindus

In the area of Pura Lingsar there are four main building, the Temple Gaduh, Kemaliq, Pesiraman or pesimpangan Bhatara Good Balian, and Lingsar Wulon. Hindus normally perform prayers on the Temple Gaduh, while Muslims who hold telu Wetu flow (the Muslims who pray three times) using Kemaliq in the temple area as a place to worship. Even praying together from different faiths often done routinely in the area of this temple.

When entering into the area, Visitors are discouraged to wear a scarf tied around the waist. Scarves are worn to honor this place is considered sacred by Hindus and Muslims.

Besides the place of prayer there is a small pool. The water was crystal clear and never dry. Even the depth of the pool was always fixed at any time. In the pool there is a big tuna that reach one meter in length. If visitors can see tuna, residents Lingsar sure that people who see it will be successful.

things to do in Lombok especially Visiting the temple Lingsar  is a tourism education in the life of inter-religious tolerance, which in some parts of Indonesia is almost lost, by visiting the temple Lingsar we will miss the peaceful life and are united as a nation full of cultural and religious diversity ...

Lombok island is always full with tourism, the question of what to do in Lombok? will always be the answer to the question again, where would you want to go traveling, Sir....

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