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Let's Go To East Lombok Tourism

If in July, we explore many attractions in West Lombok, this time we will try to explore the beauty of tourism on offer by East Lombok. Unlike the West Lombok Resort that are more well known by many tourists from other regions,and other country. East Lombok is still constrained by lack of infrastructure and possible lack of budget in this region. The lack of attention to the beaches or tourist attractions in this east Lombok, become very rarely place to visit, even though, its beaches can not say bad.

Lombok tourism

Lombok Tourism

From various attractions of East Lombok, only a small percentage that has been empowered to the fullest. In fact the objects of this tour, so very potential to bring the tourists. Because the appeal of beauty and uniqueness.

In quality, is not less interesting tourism objects with other regions. Such as the southern part of East Lombok regency Ekas the Bay, Bay Serewe, Kaliantan, Sungkun, Sunut, Paradise Beach and Cemara Beach, Tanjung Ringgit, and surrounding areas, which are in the subdistrict of East Lombok regency Jerowaru. For that investment in tourism objects are economically very profitable.

The coastal resorts, has advantages such as: Panorama of nature, underwater scenes of coral reefs and diversity of flora and fauna and heritage. In addition to coastal areas, there are also some areas Gili (small islands) of approximately 23 Gili, around Jerowaru District, which is not less interesting than the existing Beaches panorama in West Lombok.

Here are The coastal resorts of East lombok

  1.  Kaliantan  beaches and Tanjung Bloam. 
  2. Tanjung Ringgit, Tanjung  Perak and Tanjung China. 
  3. Gili Sunut.
  4.  Ekas. 
  5. Ocean Heaven / Paradise Beach.

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