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Pelecing Kangkong - Another Lombok Food that you should taste it

As well as Chicken Taliwang, This Lombok food is a daily menu For Sasak people that we can find in almost every dish any event. This food is an appetizer with a spicy flavor appetite. There is even a proverb that salivation when judging this pelecing kangkung. Woow!

For the people of Lombok, pelecing is a diet for generations since the time of  ancestors. It is not surprising that in the sidewalks, there are food stall (warung ) selling pelecing  to serve as side dishes before lunch and dinner. Similarly, in small stalls, food stalls or restaurants and luxury hotels in Lombok it can certainly be obtained Kangkong pelecing. 

the Lombok Food

Lombok Food

Pelecing is lombok food that simple but has a special taste. It is not difficult to make it, the main ingredient of Pelecing is kangkong, but remember that not just any kangkong. Used to be Lombok kangkon, because it crisp and savory.

The Planting of Lombok kangkung usually in a land flowing waters such as rivers and ponds so that the circulation of water for growing kangkung becomes more fertile. as well as the soil of Lombok island so that kangkung is usually fresher, greener and bigger trunk than the other.

To make Pelecing kangkung is so easy frist boil Kangkong and then split apart,add bean sprouts, and peanuts. As a complement, add sambal nyiuh. seasoning by Pelecing sauce made ​​from roasted shrimp paste, chillies, tomatoes, a little salt and lemon juice watered.

To taste Pelecing Kangkung, you should be ready with a handkerchief to wipe the sweat off his face because the cuisine is quite spicy, but once will enjoy memorable time.

Enjoy Lombok Island...

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