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Taliwang Chicken - Taste The Spacy Lombok Food

Spicy, probably that's the first impression when you taste Ayam Bakar Taliwang ( Grilled Chicken Taliwang ) The traditional dishes Of Lombok island. Imaging could be due to word of Lombok ( Chilli ) itself is identical to the spicy flavor. Lombok foods are already widely known, and spicy taste is quite prominent among them, one of the famous is Taliwang chicken, either grilled chicken or fried chicken.

Taliwang chicken flavor itself is relatively similar to chicken in general, only slightly smaller. But, later known Taliwang spicy chicken as sauce flavored with chicken, which in terms of some ethnic Sasak (Lombok northern) 'Manuk Pelalah'.

Manuk Pelalah is grilled or fried chicken spiced with a hundred chillis that are large and small and then fried with coconut milk so that the most prominent flavor is spicy. For those who are not as resistant to spicy foods, can also be ordered with a spicy levels tailor-made for tasting fried chicken or grilled chicken.

Many say, Taliwang chicken food comes from the name of the village (Karang) on Lombok Island Namely KARANG TALIWANG located in CakraNegara, Mataram. So, the name of this Lombok Food, Taliwang not from the West Sumbawa. People who popularized the special Lombok grilled chicken dishes  is Haji Murad and his wife, Salmah, from Karang Taliwang. Haji Murrad the effort could now be developed by his descendants and other Taliwang citizen.

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