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Lombok Tourism Spot : The Sacred Narmada Park

Narmada Park created in 1727 by Anak Agung Ngurah Karangasem.the name of "Narmada" taken from Narmadanadi, a tributary of the Ganges was sacred in India. For Hindus, water is a sacred element that gives life to all beings in this world. Water flowing from the ground (spring) associated with tirta amerta (water of immortality) radiating from Kensi Sweta Kamandalu.

Formerly possible name of  Narmada used to name the springs forming several ponds and a river in the area. Eventually used to refer to the whole complex of temples and Narmada Park.

LOmbok Tourism

Lombok Tourism

This Lombok tourism spot located in Lembuah village, Narmada, West Lombok, Mataram. This park is like Mount Rinjani and Segara Anak Lake. Narmada Park is a special place to worship Lord Shiva, as well as the king's.

Lombok Tourism

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When you enter this place, you will be treated to an old building which is on the left side. The building was named Bale Loji and in former times used as a royal residence. In front of this building you will also find other ancient buildings such Mukedes, Gate Bracelet, Light Hall, Telaga Padmawangi, Sakapat building, Patandaan, Pura hump, Bancingah Hall and Lingsar. In the area of ​​Narmada Park, you can see Nine showers (Siwak) that are very beautiful which is above Segara Anak and included as a sacred building by the followers of Hindu Dharma and Tilu (3) time.

The main appeal of this attraction besides the beauty of the landscape and green trim is the existence of a Hall Petirtaan, the source of spring water from Mount Rinjani. This place is a meeting place for the three sources of water, which is Suranadi, Lingsar, and Narmada.

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