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Gili Tangkong

Gili Tangkong is located in the district Sekotong, West Lombok, this can be achieved from Tawun port made BY the native in Sekotong, and from the port Tawun ketingting boat will go to this beautiful little island, it need not take too long to cross the sea to the small island which according to the crew that I was riding in was half the rent to foreigners by the government three NTB for the management for 50 years,

Sekotong bay
Sekotong Bay
Gili TangKOng

very unfortunate, The island itself was not very wide only about 28 hectares, and with tourism potential that has always cast a glamor dyke Tangkong to anyone who came to him, the white sand beaches, blue skies and clear and diversity of marine life around him seemed to be a major attraction for visiting the dyke (island) is a small beautiful.

gili tangkong

gili tangkong

Gili Tangkong

Snorkeling can do on this island, and the other of gili Islands, but if you want to stay, Gili Tangkong not provide the resort, an alternative you can stay in sekotong a short distance away from gili Islands in southwest Lombok, there is Cocotinos Hotel Sekotong Lombok within 1,7 Km.

By staying at this hotel you can explore gili islands in the southwest lombok , this hotel also provides facilities such as a tour guide and Pub, Spa etc.

Enjoy the authenticity of Gili islands in southwest lombok.....

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