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Monumen Lombok Barat Bangkit, The New Icon of NTB

Visited the makes me amazed by the spirit of the government in managing the incredible natural resources, a monument design that symbolizes the resurrection of the city to advance developing the tourism potential, especially in the West Lombok, because as I told a few past about Sekotong which belong to the west Lombok areas that still need serious handling for organizing the Nature potential.

Monumen Lombok Barat Bangkit

Monumen Lombok Barat Bangkit

tweedledum and tweedledee, after the operation of Lombok International airport , Lombok regency government will build a monument which is called Monumen Lombok Barat Bangkit (MLBB)
The monument will become a symbol of the progress of the West Lombok. This site will be built around a few buildings that are symbols of a metropolitan city with the feel of the civil society. Anyone who would to the island of Lombok either by sea or air must pass through this building that will see this Monument and its Symbols.

Monumen Lombok Barat Bangkit (en. Monuments of West Lombok Risen) is located at the roundabout bypass Lombok International Airport (BIL). Due to its strategic location, will be ascertained MLBB allure for Gerung city and West Lombok in general. This monument is predicted to become starting point for the construction of a lighthouse projects, a library which uses an electronic system, trade center and a few other luxury buildings. MLBB will be built with a height reaching tens of meters.

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