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Selong Belanak Beach - The Beauty of southern Lombok Island

The beauty of Lombok island's beaches is not over, if the tourists ever Visit Lombok, you will be amazed by the attractions beaches, they are still not much Lombok tourists know, even the Natives them self, But this one we're talking about is quite popular among the tourists, the road to the beach is also good enough. not as the Mawun Beach that located close to Selong Belanak beach, the Road was very damaged when last time I was there.

Selong Belanak

Selong Belanak beach has a distinctive natural scenery on the southern beaches of Lombok such as hills, white sand, crystal clear ocean water and blue sky with clouds that are very beautiful. the Beach sand is very smooth such as flour and white with a dense texture.

Selong Belanak

which an exciting for tourists to visit this beach is the location not far from the city of Mataram that requires only 1 hour and 20 minute from Lombok International Airport, Its coastline very extensive, and ramps. Suitable for those with families and children if it is not in mood to swim.

Selong Belanak

Selong Belanak

Selong Belanak

Selong Belanak beach is also suitable for those of you which are learning to surf, because the waves are not too big

This beach is located not far from the fishing village, so, if we want to enter this beach must pass through the small fishing village first, and usually local fishermen also sell their catch of fish to tourists, in addition, they built small shops which selling food and drinks, so you do not have to worry about starving after swimming or sufring.

If you would walking to the end of this beach there is a small rocky cliff, from the Top of small cliff you can enjoy the beauty of Selong Belanak beach

wow.....Thanks God For The Heaven That You've Fallen Down To Indonesia.....

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