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Bangsal Lombok - The busiest Lombok Harbor

Lombok Island - Bangsal Harbor, The Harbor that located in Pemenang, North Lombok is the port where we can  cross to the three Gili (Trawangan, Meno and Air) using the Public Boat.but there are also the rental boat (see : fast Boats ) that you can rent in scheduled time.

But what if your first time in Lombok island and being in Mataram city , or when you just arrived at the airport and want to directly to go to the Gili islands that have to go through Bangsal Harbor.

Bangsal Lombok

Bangsal Lombok

Bangsal Lombok

The following are the route of the public transportation from where you are to Bangsal Lombok

1. From The International Lombok airport
There are a few ways to reach the Bangsal Lombok from BIL/LOP
  • Ride the Taxi, It took about 2 hours from Airport to Bangsal at a rate of about 200.000 IDR 
  • Travel Agents in the Airport. There are a few travel fleet that provides transportation from BIL to a few Lombok Spots , one of Bangsal Lombok. Usually when we get out from the departure gate BIL, would be widely welcomed travel brokers. The price offered is negotiable.
  • Damri bus. For who want the cheaper use Damri bus, but not directly to Bangsal harbor. There are two majors Damri, to Senggigi (25.000 IDR) and Mataram (Terminal Mandalika, (15.000 IDR), take one of the majors, if it is up to the last stop, switch to public transport (local people call it "bemo") destination Bangsal Lombok. 
2. From Mataram City
  • Ride the Taxi, It took about 1 hours to Bangsal harbor at a rate of about 100.000 IDR
  • Public transportation (Bemo), Look for Bemo, from Mandalika Terminal to Bangsal Lombok. rate about 10.000 IDR
  •  Mini Bus, There are a lot of travel agents in Mataram which provides riding services to Bangsal Lombok.
  •  Rent a Car or Motorcycle, there are several car rental agents in Mataram, provides to all Lombok Tourism.
After arriving to Bangsal Lombok, you may choose the boats which to go to your destination, whether to Gili Trawangan, Meno or Air

Welcome to Lombok Island, Welcome The paradise....

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Yeea... that's right.
but i think's more exspensive now.
couse different time.
BBM mahal.

Damri from the airport to Mataram is now 25, 000 idr.

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