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Elaq-Elaq Beach - Better than Senggigi Beach....

Ela-Ela Beach (Elaq-Elaq), located in  Tawun village,part of  Sekotong close to Sundancer Resort. Why the name is Ela-Ela? In Sasak language "Ela" means tongue, because the beach is such a little tiny cape length, similar to a tongue, so  Sasak People called Ela Ela.

This Lombok beach  is very natural, clean white sand. The sand is very smooth and mixed with broken pieces of coral and conch houses, small shells, etc.,it is very exotic. On the opposite end of the cape there is A Small Island (Gili), named Gili penyu (Turtle). If it was low tide so we can cross to gili penyu by walking, a distance of about 200 meters. and when you walking there are a lot of starfish scattered, maybe a hundreds , unfortunately there is only one color, similar to a sand color.

Gili Penyu is only a small hill, full of scrub brush and uninhabited, usually used by people around for fishing spot. To get a good view, we have to climb up the hill, and you will see several small islands located in the west of  Lombok  island

 Lombok Beach

 Lombok Beach

Lombok Beach
Ela-Ela beach, looked from Gili Penyu

Elaq-Elaq beach - Lombok Beach

 Lombok Beach

Enjoy the beach, Enjoy Lombok

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