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Bau Nyale - From The Legend Of Princess Mandalika

Bau Nyale
Bau Nyale is a native of Lombok island tradition that is held every year on 20th Mounth 10th calendar sasak, Approximately about February - March, The word "Bau" mean Search and "Nyale" Mean Sea-worm

But some have argued that  Bau Nyale in sasakist means could Shine. (Bau = could, Nyale = Shine). While the definition of something that could turn had been a sea worm. Yes, about every February or March, sea worms ( Anelida ) will come out in Kuta beach area, Selong Belanak Beach and many South Beach in Lombok. And these worms out between midnight until morning when the coastal sea began to recede. These worms such colorful green, brown, orange, and red. And the colors will look like a light when the moon falls and bounces off the worms. That's the reason why the so-called Bau Nyale.

A tradition of regional culture in Indonesia are usually inspired from a local story or a legend, Bau Nyale it self comes from a folktale about a beautiful princess named Princess Mandalika. many men who declare Their love and intend to marry her.In fact, There are many Tribes and Young Men Fight each other to GetHer.then the Princess chose a step that does not make sense. The princess chose to throw herselves jump into the sea (suicide), swallowed by the waves and never returned.but before Jumping the princess told That she will return every year to reincarnate as a worm. well ... Local people believe the worm is the embodiment of the emergence of the princess in another form. Since then every year They celebrate Bau Nyale
Bau Nyale
Nyale / Annelids / Sea Worm

Before the celebration begins, there are the traditional arts and events are staged. Visitors in the afternoon setting up small tents to rest for a moment. From this tent, We can watch Betandak (unrequited rhyme), Bejambik (giving the gift to a lover), and Belancaran (cruise boat). And do not miss too, held a colossal drama Princess Mandalika.

Many visitors who come to the island of Lombok from various places just to see the noisy and crowded atmosphere when caught Nyale.In this festival seem the atmosphere of togetherness where people blend into one another to find Nyale massively. You are also allowed to participate to find Nyale at this location.

According to the Sasak people's belief, sea annelids, which are also called palolo worm (Eunice Fucata) can bring prosperity and safety, especially for the fertility of agricultural land in order to produce a satisfactory crop. If many Nyale coming out, it indicates the agricultural population will succeed.

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