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Setokel & Kelambu - Lombok Waterfall In Central Lombok

The charm of the beautiful Lombok island was not only coming from the sea, beach and culture. But it also comes from the natural appearance of a fascinating land, one of which is Waterfall. There are many waterfalls that are scattered on the island of Lombok, the famous one is Sendang Gile and Tiu Kalep located in North Lombok, Part of Rinjani National Park.

Lombok Waterfall
Benang Setokel Waterfall

Besides the two waterfall, there is a waterfall in Central Lombok. there are  ​​Benang Setokel and Benang Kelambu waterfall,  From Mataram it took time about 40 Minutes to Benang Setokel, The trip to Benang Kelambu  can be reached by two ways: by walking (It took about 20 minutes) or a motorcycle taxi  is available.

Lombok Waterfall

Lombok Waterfall

Lombok Waterfall

The conditions of Benang Kelambu are still relatively natural, and has not been little known. Constraints commonly encountered here is the lack of facilities to change clothes (Here there is a building such as bathroom, but his condition is not maintained). In addition, many plants on top of this waterfall, not all the water from the top can fall down perfection, so the water that falls are not as they should.

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