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Sendang Gile - The Amazing Lombok Waterfall

Besides the beaches, Lombok waterfall become an alternative options for traveling to this beautiful island, like a waterfalls located on the Mount Rinjani national Park, there are three extremely beautiful waterfalls, if you purposely want to climb Mt Rinjani, through Senaru you can also visit one of this lombok waterfalls.

There is Sendang Gile Waterfall where the water is very cold because it comes from mountain Rinjani, to get there you must go through the hundreds of steps and you should prepare the supplies of  food and drink because there are not stall or cafe in Sendang gile tourist spot. To enter the Spot you have to pay Rp 3000.

LOmbok Waterfall

Lombok waterfall

 Lombok waterfall

This Lombok waterfall is High enough and also extremely fast flow of water falling to ground that creating the beautiful burst of water. This waterfall is unique because the water that falls from cliff did not immediately fall to the ground. But  blocked in the middle by the side of rock that juts out, so it hold the water and became as the water reservoir before falling to the seemed as a natural water ladder.

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