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Senaru Travel Guide

Senaru is a village that became a place visited by many tourists who want to climb to the top of Mount Rinjani, Senaru Village is became one the Area of Mount Rinjani National Park.

Rinjani View From Senaru
Sunrise From Senaru

Post 1 Trekking Th Mt Rinjani, Senaru
from here the Rinjani mountain climbers can do the preparation, there is also the tour guide as well as a means of lodging accommodations for those who want to spend the night in Senaru.

Senaru is the entrance to several nature tourism, such as Sindang Gila waterfall Tiu Kelep waterfalls, and also Puncak Rinjani for those of you who want to enjoy the charm of Segara Anak, and also a new mountain ( Gunung Baru ), The beauty in the Rinjani crater

To get to Senaru

takes 2 public transportation. from Mataram to Tanjung, and continued From Tanjung to Senaru. But if you want a practical, simply rent a car. journey to the village Senaru by car takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. Quite a long time but I'm sure the journey will not be boring.

There are two path to get to Senaru village. Through Senggigi or through Pusuk. Both have advantages and disadvantages. if the drive through path Pusuk, you will be treated to views of paddy fields and green mountains on either side of you. After that the trip will go through a winding road while climbing up past the peak pusuk. When accrosing pusuk Peak (also called pusuk pass) you will get Pusuk tourist areas, where along the way there will be little monkeys.

Monkey Forest, Pusuk
Usually, the tourists will stop their cars to play around with the monkeys along the road in this pusuk. There is also a wish to feed, or just took a picture together. Or enjoy the beautiful scenery as well because from this Pusuk you can also watch the circumference of the west coast of the island of Lombok.

The View path through Senggigi.
The second is an alternative path through Senggigi. Within the travel farther and longer when compared with pusuk, but this route can offer beach view. Starting from meninting Beach, Batu Bolong Beach, Senggigi Beach, Beach Kerandangan, Beach Malimbu up to see threeMasketeer of Gili islands in the north of Lombok island.

Senaru hotel
Accomodation in Senaru

 Senaru Parking Area

Senaru Village provide some space carpark, there complete with small stalls selling coffee and food.and the accomodation.

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