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Tanjung Ringgit - I just can Say Wowww

Tanjung Ringgit is a beach that hidden behind the hills became a stunning panorama. the beach with the white sand that characterizes the beaches of Lombok island adds the perfection of God's creation that must be preserved and protected.

The location of Tanjung Ringgit is not so far from Tanjung bloam,located in the southern of Lombok island, part of East Lombok region. For those who have been to Uluwatu on the Island of the Gods (Bali), or Gone to Ngobaran beach in Yogyakarta, You Might said Tanjung Ringgit would be like the both spots. Just maybe, the access road that set it apart. In addition, a cool tourist sites are still poorly known. Well once again for Lombok tourism promotion is really skimpy. There are No the sign pointing the way, the lack of facilities and means of support that we usually encounter in tourism in general. Nor there is public transportation that can reach the site.

Tanjung Ringgit

Tanjung Ringgit

Tanjung Ringgit

Tanjung Ringgit

Supposedly in Japanese colonial period, tanjung ringgit  is used by the Japanese army to be castle and on the lookout, because of its rugged making it easier for us to see the ocean and the island of Sumbawa. Besides the beach and steep cliffs, There are also a cave and cannon, the heritage of Japanese soldiers as well as attraction.

As the same route as Tanjung bloam, we suggest for those of you who do not want to stay to get back before dark. and do not forget to bring your camera and let them know that the southern Lombok there is a beautiful paradise.

 Capture the Tanjung Ringgit
Let's See How Beautiful the Lombok Islands is?

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i hope tanjung ringgit became famous beach in the world,,and the goverment must support this beach

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