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Big Opportunity Investment In Lombok Island

Lombok Island tourism
After President Yudhoyono inaugurated Lombok International Airport (LOP) on 20 November 2011, this year the local government is heavily promoting the beauty of the island of Lombok, By relying on Marine Tourism, and handicrafts of the local people ( see : South Sea Pears) expected to increase economic growth region of the island of Lombok, as well as invite investors both local and foreign to provide a role for the growth of the tourism industry in this island.

increasing the Visitors of Lombok island tourism is the opportunity for investors to build accommodation as an option for tourists with varied needs and comfort. Build Hotels, Resort or Villa probably could be very profitable because there are a few accommodations on this island,

not just lombok or Gilis Islands (see : Gili trawangan), Komodo Island and other smaller islands surrounding Lombok island there are necessary need accommodation, entertainment and connecting inter-island transportation facilities such as fast boat, private boat rental and many more business opportunities can be used as margin for the investor.

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