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Nasi Puyung : The Most Spicy Dish of Lombok Food

If you are spicy Food lovers, This Lombok food could be your favorite lunch Menu while visiting Lombok island, served with Plecing kangkung or grilled chicken Taliwang "the popular one", could double to your taste while eating rice Puyung ( Nasi Puyung )

Lombok Food

Major Rice Puyung taken from the name of the village of origin namely Puyung, Central Lombok, NTB. The Pioneer maker of Nasi Puyung is Papuk Isum from Puyung village. He's been selling Nasi Puyung since the 1980's and today, his business is growing and has been handled by His Son and grandson. Because delicacy, Nasi Puyung increasingly proliferated to the city center as in Mataram, West Lombok.

Lombok Food

In Mataram, the original of the tavern comes from Puyung village is Nasi Balap Puyung Inaq Esun. The simple tavern located in front of the Grand Legi Hotel, Jalan Sriwijaya, Mataram and is open every day from 09:00 to 21:00.To keep the authenticity of flavors, the Side Dish of Nasi Puyung directly taken every morning from Kampung Puyung, Central Lombok.

Nasi Puyung not look too special,It is rice that is placed on a banana leaf. However, this is precisely the pleasure Puyung rice lies in side dish consisting of chili, soy fried, shredded and chopped chicken meat and grated coconut. As with other well-known the spicy of Lombok food, Nasi Puyung may come the highest rank of the Spicy.

Taste The Lombok Food, Enjoy The Lombok Island

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