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Mount Rinjani Trekking Tours

The Mount Rinjani is one of the favorite mountain in Indonesia which has been well-known overseas, with its beauty, attracting many tourists and climbers trekking to the summit of Mount Rinjani to see the beautiful Sagara Anak lake. Trekking Tour to Mount Rinjani highly recommended on April to November,in other words it is good to trek in Dry season.

Mount Rinjani

Path Of Trekking Tours

There are 4 pathways of trekking tour to the top of Mount Rinjani, one of which I wrote on this blog, namely Path of Senaru,

The paths Four that is part of The Mount Rinjani National Park area, offering many hotels or Inn, they also offer trekking Tour Guide services and climbing equipment, Therefore the rights for those of you who want to climb, but do not bring supplies, can be rented at the Post first ascent.

Mount Rinjani Trekking

1.Mount Rinjani Trekking  From Senaru 

Path of Senaru is indeed often used for the trekkers, it become one of the favorite because, including the shorter distance and more shade, path of Senaru characterized a fairly typical lush tropical forests, but the track is quite uphill. To reach the village of Senaru, you can read Senaru Travel Guide

In Senaru Shelter you must registry / report the amount of climbers and pay for the retribution of the Mount Rinjani National Park.

Rinjani Trekking

The trekking start by passing the plantation and enter the forest. Once past Mondokon Lolak shelter ( third Shelter which are at the level of a 2000 m.dpl ) that took a time about 5 hours, we will arrive at Pelawangan Senaru that we can reach after walking for 2 hours from third shelter. In pelawangan Senaru we can see the peak of Rinjani and Segara Anak lake. To reach the lake, we must go down a fairly steep hill. and Form the lake, we can go ahead to camp in Segara Anak Base camp.
If we want to continue the journey to the top of the Mount Rinjani, we must go back to Pelawangan Senaru, and in the morning, at 2 am, we can continue trekking to the summit. to enjoy the sunrise ....

2. Trekking From Sembalun

Sembalun (1,150 m.dpl) is a path that is quite easy to reach by public transportation. In the terminal of Mataram City is available public transportation subject Mataram - Aikmel . it is About 1 hour driving to Aikmel, continue by other public transportation towards Sembalun.

note:  taking by public transportation from mataram to Aikmel should leave early in the day, as a vehicle to Aikmel only at 12:00 PM.

After registering at the guard enterance of Sembalun, Trekking Tour will begin by entering the vast savanna and going through the 3 main shelters, it took a time about 4 hours.
Path of Sembalun is a sloping path, but the trekking path is very difficult anyway, because the trekking we passed is a vast expanse of savanna that make our bodies quickly exhausted by the scorching sun.

Before reaching the third shelter ( Padabalang Shelter ) we will be faced by a crossroads which separates the right way to the Penyesalan hill and the left way to Penderitaan hill, in this case, we go ahead to the Penderitaan Hill. we will pass nine hills before arrive in Pelawangan Sembalun (2639 m.dpl). The journey is about 4 hours.  

Pelawangan Sembalun is a junction or the last shelter to reach the top of mount Rinjani or go down to Sagara Anak Lake. In this place we can set up a tent with a view of Sagara Anak lake and mountain Barujari just below the Camp.

The trekking tour to the top of Mount Rinjani by climbing the crater rim is a tiring journey, with a loose sandy, make our step backwards hampered because when we step, we will go down a half step, it was a fun trip at the end of a height of 200 meters before the summit.  

There are Two other trekking paths that will post in other content

wish this content is useful for those are going to Lombok Island and wanna go to trekking Tour to Mount Rinjani 


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A very nice peace of information given here. The article and snaps remind me the days when I was on tour of Himachal Leh and Srinagar. That was my first ever tour in any hilly destination. Now after reading your blog, I want to experience the destination as well. Please provide me full details how can I go there and which is the best time?

Mount Rinjani is located in Lombok Island,West Nusa tengara, INDONESIA. if you wanna go there, there is no flight to Lombok directly from your country, I think you should read


the best Time for climbing is in April - November ( dry Season )

Wonderful places to visit for trekking..I would love to visit these places..

Great guides, amazing view from the summit, and great food and service! Loved the place

Wow! I just love trekking... Its my hobby.

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