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Torean : Mount Rinjani Trekking Tours [ 2 ]

On the last post " Mount Rinjani trekking Tours ", we have discussed 2 trekking paths that most climbers go through to get to Sagara Anak lake and Top of Mount Rinjani. This time I would  tell you the other two paths, that may consider as the other way to get  other charm, or even the atmosphere of the landscape.

Torean Path  

Torean Route usually only used for local hikers or the native who want to do religious ritual in Segara Anak Lake. even so, the path of Torean has unique characteristics compared to other pathways.

Rinjani Trekking
From Bayan To Torean using Motorcycle Taxi
The Ascent through the Torean is a Trekking through the valley to Lake Segara Anak. Compared to others the path is not too steep, just right or left of the trekking is a cliff that needs to be extra carefully. The Objects that can be observed throughout the journey are Penimbungan Waterfall, Pancor Mas waterfaall, the cave named SUSU with the warm pool, Waterfall Hot-Cold and cross Kokok Putik river, it is an interesting experience trekking tour from Torean village.

Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour

Rinjani Trekking Tour
Panimbungan waterfall

Mount Rinjani Trekking

Rinjani Trekking
Pancoran Mas Waterfall

Along this path, from the village Torean to the river Tiu (Mount rinjani National Park boundary) which is the firs shelter, you can find the fields, pastures, plantations and a production forest.

The distance from shelter 3 of Torean path toward Plawangan Torean is about ± 3.50 km with an inclination of -40 ± 30%, along the way we will be in a clamp 2 pieces of the mountain and we also enjoy the flow of the river (Kokok) White.

 Time Trekking Tours 

Mataram - Torean ( took a time 4 - 5 hours by public transportation )
Torean  - Sagara Anak lake ( 9 - 10 hours by foot )

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